Business Advisory & Enterprises Practice


In a fast pace commercial world like the one we are faced with, small and medium scale enterprises are faced with loads and loads of challenges which make it almost impossible for them to grow their revenues and/or align their growth with their goals. Our firm works with these businesses including their boards, management, shareholders, lenders and investors to ensure that they grow their revenue lines and align their growth with their goals.

we provide various services that soothe every stage of business.

At the promoter stage, our lawyers provide business advisory services on incorporation, business registration, obtaining business permits and licenses, corporate governance etc.

At the start up stage, we advise taxation, obtaining permits and licenses, acquisition of property, employment and labour relation, risk and opportunities analysis and regulatory compliance.

At the post start up stage, we advise on investment, debt and/or equity raise, business restructure and / or reorganization etc.

In addition, our lawyers advise on other ancillary business advisory issues like

Bankruptcy: On the debtor side, we assist businesses restructure their existing debt liability using various means like reduction of share capital, entering into negotiations with the business creditors. On the creditor’s side, we assist businesses recover their past due obligations from their debtors. Where the debtor is a corporate entity, we could apply to court to be appointed the as receiver/manager of the assets of the debtor, provide advisory services on asset tracking and tracing e.t.c

immigration: we provide services on advice on immigration into Nigeria. Our services includes visa guidance, expatriate quota allocation, obtaining work permits in Nigeria e.t.c.

National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) Registration where we register technology transfer agreements.

Intellectual Property Registration: We process the registration of trademarks obtain letters of patent for clients in Nigeria.