Commodities / Extractive Industry Practice

Commodities (both hard and soft) and other extractive minerals like oil and gas play a critical role in the economy of any nation. In Nigeria, where we are based, the history of Nigeria would never be complete without mentioning its abundance of arable land, rich minerals and oil and gas deposit. While oil and gas remains the main stay of the economy there have been a steady and persistent drive to diversify the Nigerian economy and make other commodities contribute more to the national economy.

Our firm possesses vast experience in handling commodities/extractive industry transactions including:
• Acquisition of licenses, lease, sale or securitization of commodities/industry licenses;
• Provide legal advice on mineral and natural resources project;
• Draft and/or review agreements relating to the industry;
• Provide legal opinions on policies that affects the industry;
• Act as transaction counsel in financing arrangement on projects relating to the industry;
• Provide business and advisory services in joint ventures, promotion of local content, etc