Infrastructure Development Practice

Infrastructure plays a pivotal role in any economy; it supports critical aspects of the economy like businesses, population, social services etc.

We have a proven track record in the area of providing advisory services on the legal and regulatory framework operating in on the telecommunication sector. We provide services in the area of business formation, obtaining licenses and compliance of legal and regulatory framework in this sector of the Nigerian economy.

In the transport sector, we boast of far-reaching experience in virtually all aspect of financing, acquisition and lease of aircraft, vessel and automobile. The firm also provides advice in obtaining the requisite permit in the transport sector.

In the real estate sector, the firm has extensive experience in the area of acquisition, lease and mortgage of real estate. The firm regular advises clients on real estate issues and act as counsels to financial institutions on the perfection of real estate instruments.

The firm also provides legal services in other area of infrastructural development from hotels and leisure to PPP projects.