What We Do

We are a commercial law firm with a passion for service and excellence. We provide top class legal services in virtually every aspect of Nigerian Law across every sector of the Nigerian Economy. Our practice areas are as follows:

Business Advisory & Enterprises Practice

In a fast pace commercial world like the one we are faced with, small and medium scale enterprises are faced with loads of challenges which make it almost impossible for them to grow their revenues and/or align their growth with their goals. We work with these businesses including their boards, shareholders, lender and investors. Read More

Commodities / Extractive Industry Practice

Commodities (both hard and soft) and other extractive minerals like oil and gas play a critical role in the economy of any nation. In Nigeria, where we are based, the history of Nigeria would never be complete without mentioning its abundance of arable land, rich minerals and oil and gas deposit. Read More

Corporate & Commercial Practice

In every business deal, the role of the legal practitioner is critical from the point when a commercial decision is born, the lawyer is important as he advises on the deal, the structure and main transaction and the closing. Read More

Dispute Resolution Practice

Where a transaction and/or a relationship fails, then there is a need for the dispute arising from such failure to be handle in a manner that all parties involved know their bounds and for appropriate sanctions and remedies to be applied to the situation.
Read More

Financial Services Practice

Financial services play a critical role in the life of any entity, including corporate, sovereign and human.

Financing transaction involves a lot of parties; our firm provides cutting edge services on a broad range of transactions including but not limited to Acquisition and leveraged finance; Asset based lending; Asset finance; Commodity finance; Derivatives; Project and infrastructure finance; Real estate finance; Reserve based lending; structured, trade and export finance. Read More

Infrastructure Development Practice

Infrastructure plays a pivotal role in any economy; it supports critical aspects of the economy like businesses, population, social services etc.

We have a proven track record in the area of providing advisory services on the legal and regulatory framework operating in on the telecommunication sector. We provide services in the area of business formation … Read More

Our Sector Experience Includes

Agriculture | Banking and Other Financial Institution | Housing | Hotel and Leisure | Information Communication Technology | Mining | Oil & Gas | Power and Renewable Energy | Securities | Telecommunication | Transport

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